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Case Study: Physio Fitness

About Physio Fitness

We are a private physiotherapy practice based in a gym environment which offers treatment for a variety of conditions including; for example sports injuries, orthopaedic conditions and all other musculoskeletal problems.

We treat patients who are either self-paying or have health insurance cover.

Why Preori?

We needed a system to keep a record of all the patients attending our practice, a list of all the GPs and consultants and, more importantly, an easy and efficient way of invoicing all the patients and health insurance companies.

Everything was done manually beforehand, which was very time consuming, and it was difficult to access all the information quickly when needed. We never had a concise database of all our patient's details.

We looked into a few other packages but, from the outset, Preori appeared to be the most comprehensive and visually attractive package.

We installed Preori in September 2007 and it has made life so much easier. The installation was so quick and this was achieved so readily due to the expert advice given.

This really is an excellent software package that even someone without proficient computer skills could manage. Installing the Preori package really was the best investment we made in 2007 and we wish we had done it sooner.

How has Preori benefited your business?

The benefit from having Preori primarily for us is the simplicity in invoicing patients and health insurances.

It really is so straightforward and easy to use that we cannot recommend it highly enough to everyone who may need to update their existing system. The patient and GP/Consultant database is also very comprehensive and easy to use.

We also now computerise our appointments, which means we can access the information from outside the practice which is necessary in the running of our practice.

The support given by Preori is also faultless they are always at the end of the phone and they can deal with any query quickly and efficiently.

We are so pleased with Preori and are certain that any other health professional would be too.

Shelley Abraham, Clinic Owner

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