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Case Study: Kiwi Physiotherapy Services

About Kiwi Physiotherapy Services

We are a small, but extremely busy practice working at multiple sites with a broad client base including employers, self pay clients, PCTs and commercial intermediaries, all with different billing & reporting requirements.

Why Preori?

Several years ago it became obvious that we needed to invest in practice management software in order to improve our efficiency in relation to diary and patient data management, report generation and accounts management.

As the acquisition of a practice management software package is not a small investment for a practice our size (3 physiotherapists and an administrative assistant) I spent almost 2 years looking at various packages trying to make the right choice. I remember making numerous phone calls to Preori over a 12 month period asking for clarification as to whether the system could report on certain bits of data and if not could it be adapted to do so. Each and every time Preori came up with a solution. Basically, as long as the data is recorded, they can modify the system to report on it.

How has Preori benefited your business?

At Kiwi our primary concern is to provide the highest quality of service for our clients, a philosophy clearly shared by Preori.

Preori have a very collaborative approach, they are responsive to requests and always open to suggestions on how to enhance their system further. Preori are constantly upgrading and improving their product and all updates, adaptations and enhancements are included in the cost of the package. There are no hidden costs; this software is truly all inclusive.

Karen Raine, Practice Principal

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