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Case Study: Health & Fitness Solutions

About HFS

Health & Fitness Solutions is a private multidisciplinary musculoskeletal clinic based in both Central London and Brentwood established in 2003.

Originally at one site based within the City of London Medical Centre at Aldgate it has now added sites at Moorgate, Harley St, and Brentwood.

The core services the company provides are physiotherapy, podiatry, and chiropody, but its facilities also host guest practitioners including a Nutritionist and a Consultant in Sports Medicine.

Why Preori?

"We needed a software system to cover multiple functions including diary management, entry and archiving of clinical notes, accounts and billing, reporting, and marketing functions. Crucially we needed a system where a central client database could be used across multiple sites Preori MyPractice was one of the few that fitted these specifications.

The system went live in late 2005, and Preori were able to import all of our retrospective data from the previous system we used into the new system. Over the last 2 years we have worked with Preori to add significant functionality to the system according to the needs of our workflow the result is a system that truly fits our needs on an almost bespoke basis".

How has Preori benefited your business?

"The standout benefit of the system so far has been the reporting functions.

The export of data to external applications such as Microsoft Excel gives us almost endless possibilities as to how we can represent key data the result being a management team armed with accurate and extensive data as to how we are doing as a company in multiple key result areas. This has allowed us to make more informed and timelier decisions as a management team.

Recently we were also able to use this data export feature to import residential and employer postcode data into Google Earth to represent our client base geographically and assess penetration of the market.

Overall the Preori MyPractice software not only allows us to manage information on a day to day basis but is now seen as a key tool in developing a competitive advantage over our competitors".

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