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Case Study: Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre

About Edinburgh Physiotherapy

At Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre we take a holistic and progressive approach to physiotherapy. We offer physiotherapy as part of a broad and diverse range of treatments to completely address the root cause of symptoms and problems.

The Centre has recruited an international array of the most experienced therapists who believe in one to one physical therapy.

Why Preori?

After many costly and stressful experiences to find the right software solution for my practice, we decided to go with Preori.

From the beginning of our communications with the team, we have received only the most professional service and advice.

How has Preori benefited your business?

The integration of this system with our practice was quick and smooth and the support is exceptional.

The flexibility of the software means that this is great for the smaller business and allows growth. Value for money is excellent and there is a genuine willingness to help my business.

Preori has surpassed my expectations and I am delighted to recommend this software to any practice.

Kirsten lord, Managing Director

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